The best filing company

We are the best in the industry when it comes to filing. We are committed to meeting your needs with precision, innovation, and an economic paper consumption.

- Precision

We guarantee you the highest quality when it comes to filing products. Our tools are precise, accurate, and well-made. The materials are also durable and reliable for long-term use.

- Innovation

Busch Files offers high-quality tools for seamless workflows that save your time and solve your problems. We make innovative solutions for all your needs in filing products.

- Economical paper consumption

Busch Files offers a wide range of filing products with standard filing systems that reduce paper consumption by up to 60% while still maintaining accuracy and precision!

Filing Products

Busch File Manufacturers is a manufacturer and supplier of tailor-made filing products and standard filing products as well as document storage products.

Filing products are essential in the workplace, and Busch File Manufacturers is a one-stop-shop for all of your filing needs. Busch File Manufacturers designs and manufactures tailor-made and standard filing products with precision and innovation.

Busch File Manufacturers is a manufacturer and supplier of tailor-made filing products, as well as standard filing products. We design and manufacture our own line of filing systems with precision and innovation.

Worldwide customers trust our expertise in the industry to fulfil their every need when it comes

Filing manufacturing in SA

We produce both paper and PVC stock lines to meet market demand. Our technical team builds dyes for the manufacturing of these high-quality products, which are aligned to paper consumption and use.


To offer the best of what we produce, the production team adds bespoke print and materials as well as sizes as per clients' requirements. Our vision is to ensure that through our products businesses have an effective file plan that will smoothly ensure an efficient administration, so that the ephemeral can be separated from the essentials.

We're on a mission to make office life easier and more productive. We're committed to delivering quality, easy-to-use products that maximize efficiency and deliver the best ROI.

Buschfiles is about quantity

Custom-made filing solutions, you can get everything you need at Buschfile Manufacturers From A to Z, we've got your back.

Buschfiles is about quality

High-quality products with precision and innovation? That's what we do best at Buschfile Manufacturers.

Buschfiles is about speed

Don't waste any time with tedious tasks. With Buschfile Manufacturers, you can get things done in just a few clicks!

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